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Originally Posted by mavsfan4zindagi
You're crazy if you don't think that Aguilera is a dirty whore. She'd do everything.

10 to 1 Alba doesn't give BJs! Just saying... You can tell by her whole demeanor/facial expressions/the way she carries herself... she just doesn't come off as someone that wants anything to do with sex. She's got that whole my shit doesn't stink and I'm too good for you look. Whatever you want to call it. It's not like I'm an expert in the department... LOL, but I feel as if I can get a pretty good read on people after seeing them for some time (which I have of her on TV, etc...)

Who the hell knows though... Aguilera's could all be an act (doubtful) and I could be totally misreading Alba. You never know something about someone... until you know. That pertains to pretty much every aspect of a person's personality.
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