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Default Re: 7-Footers shooting 3s

Originally Posted by steve franchise
Answer me this question. What is Dirk suppose to do when his shots aren't falling? Every other all-star that shoots J's thinks about driving inside and going to the foul line, something that Dirk is not capable of doing.
Almost every big man has been horrible at their free throw shooting. Yet they have been succesful and WON A TITLE.

He is a capable slasher and is a great ball handler for his size which can be seen by the amount of free throws he shoots. And by the way, not every big man has won a title.

Originally Posted by steve franchise
WOW! Being 6-11 actually changes the whole point of this thread. Now because you're one inch shorter you can't be the dominant tall guy ( 7ft, 6-11, you're still tall)that WON TITLES.

So what is the point of your thread?

Originally Posted by steve franchise
Everybody knows you need someone inside, right? There's been opportunities to sign someone over the past 9 seasons. Yet I don't see anybody. Does this mean is not Dirk's fault? If is not then Cuban should worry about a new GM rather than buying the cubs team.

What opportunities? How can it possibly be Dirk's fault that their GM has found them a low post threat yet?

Originally Posted by steve franchise
Please, no childish coments.

Well, when you list is retarded it's not too childish to state the truth.

Hell, I don't even know what you're arguing any more and I doubt you do either. First you say 7-footers, then you change it to include players shorter then 7-feet. Secondly, you switch it up from 3 point shooters to players who shoot outside jumpshots.

Oh, and I'm still waiting for your list on available 7-footers with a legitimite low post game.

Originally Posted by steve franchise
(mas put......)
Yeah, finding 7 footers that extend the range is a lot easier than finding an old skool type center. Please, no excuses.
Just see the list:
Yao Ming, Dwight Howard, Carlos Boozer, Eddie Curry, Nene, Tyson Chandler, Crish Bosh, Elton Brand, Samuel Dalembert, Chris Kaman, Al Jefferson, Randolph, Pau Gasol ( you have it on your avatar), Emeka Okafor, and not to mention Greg Oden, Al Horford, Big Baby Glen Davis, Spencer Hawes. All these players can actually post not like Dirk, Dampier and Diop.

Wow, another awesome list of yours. Now let's see who's available out of these players (Not to mention the fact that about half of them are shorter then 7-feet).

Yao Ming - Definitely not available. Has a good low post game though.
Dwight Howard - Definitely not available. He doesn't have a very good low post game, although he has heaps of potential.
Carlos Boozer - Good low post game, however he's a bit of a matador on defense and doesn't play centre.
Eddie Curry - Good low post game, but plays no defense whatsoever and can't rebound either. I can pretty much guarantee that he won't win a championship.
Nene - Good, young player that Dallas should target. Although he has a large contract and is coming off a knee injury. What pieces do Dallas have to get him though?
Tyson Chandler - Yeah, he really has a legitimate low post game. The guy didn't even average 10 points a game.
Chris Bosh - Definitely not available. Toronto's franchise player.
Elton Brand - Too undersized to play centre. Good low post game though.
Samuel Dalambert - Doesn't have a low post game.
Chris Kaman - Has regressed quite a bit since getting his contract
Al Jefferson - Although a bit undersized to play centre would be an alright fit for Dallas. However, if Minny just traded KG to get him what makes you think they'd give him up.
Zach Randolph - Undersized to play centre, also a bit of a questionable guy. Again he doesn't play much defense.
Pau Gasol - Decent low post game. Someone Dallas should target.
Emeka Okafor - Charlottes franchise player. No chance of a trade.
The rest of your list - unproven rookies who haven't done much of anything yet.

So looking at your list there's Nene, Pau Gasol, maybe EB and Al jefferson. So that's 4 players and how exactly would Dallas be able to get them. And if they traded Dirk straight up for one of them, how many do you think would a championship? Another great list mate.

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