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Default Re: 7-Footers shooting 3s

Originally Posted by el_locoteee
Pau I think is the best option but salary a little bit higher to match in a trade. Why not use Dirk as SF like bird,only problem not to quick to guard opposing SF, but he is not to strong to guard PF either. Other choice is use him as a Center, the center in this era are weak compare to PF and he have played as Center before.

Yeah Pau and Nene seem to be the best options. The only problem is Dallas don't really have many trade pieces. I reckon Dirk may be a bit too slow to guard SFs and Dallas already have a good SF in Josh Howard. He could play C, but then you at least need a decent defensive power forward so they have some to fill the hole. Damp and Diop were brought in for that reason, but their lack of any kind of offense is hurting Dallas. This guy seems to reckon that it's simple to pick up a legitimate low post threat and win a championship. Hell if it was as easy as he made it out to be every team would be winning the championship.
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