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Well the Mavericks were very vocal about their pursuit of Mike James, another pg, who they didn't acquire. When i initially saw this news I immediately saw a future with harris and terry running side by side at pg and sg respectively. Here are my reasons for terry moving to SG and another PG joining up:

1) they did it in the playoffs this past year and it worked very well
2) they had 3 SG's at the beginning of last year, all of whom are no longer with us (Christie, Griffin, Daniels)
3) we picked up ager and buckner; however, no matter how much the mavs say ager is ready to contribute now, he is still a rookie. That being said i really consider us 1 1/2 deep at the SG spot (oh yeah, forgot about Rawall).
4) the mavs did not renew the contract for one of the assistants, leaving a spot open for DA to pull an Avery and join the coaching staff (lets be honest, he isn't on the team for his playing ability)

So in summary, we are short at the two guard: solution, move terry
Then we are short at the one: solution, acquire mike james... whoops, acquire marcus banks... whoops, what about that guy avg'ing about 7 assists a game in the summer league?

And regardless of whether or not terry plays more sg, im sure the mavs are pushing for DA to be a coach, thus opening up that 3rd string guard spot.

Don't know if that makes any sense to yall, but that's my reasoning for another pg joining up.

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