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Default Re: is iverson a top 10 player?

Originally Posted by tmacyaokobe01
do you type blindfolded?

do you remember that point forward thread where i OWNED you?

all you did is curse because your too pathetic to name facts.

You are completely unknowledgeable all you do is curse at people when they don't agree with you when your a crack addict.

good job taking the thread completely off-topic.

btw, AI is a better player than Yao. AI is the second best scorer in the league. He's a good playmaker. Steals the ball.

Yao on the other hand. Scores the ball from 12 feet away even though he's 7'6'' 280lbs. He occasionally blocks shots, but not nearly enough. He rebounds the ball decently. Basically, when he goes for 25/10, everyone is surprised. When Iverson goes for an equivalent statline for a combo guard, like 24/6, its what we all expect from him. Usually more
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