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Default Re: ESPN compares Kobe to Pistol Pete...

Maravich was great, but his flash overshadowed his efficiency. As a volume shooter/scorer, he was close to Kobe, and that's a compliment by itself, but the guy simply did not achieve enough to be compared. Not enough playoff success, regardless of roles (Kobe as a No2 was still at least as impactful as Maravich was as a No1), many less All-NBA, All-Star, etc, honors, too many turnovers, weak defense, not Kobe-like clutch ability. Only thing he had over Kobe was passing (but not to a big extent, because many of his passes resulted in turnovers) and long range shooting (Kobe has some insane "long range shooting" games, but not the consistancy to be an everynight threat).

Kobe>Maravich, easily.
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