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Default Re: ESPN compares Kobe to Pistol Pete...

I can see where the person was going with the comparison. There are some similarities. It's false that Pistol felt he had to do everything himself. He was told to. To sell tickets. The Hawk players didn't like the fact he was making more money so they purposely dropped passes and such. Egos would never let that team succeed even though there was talent. Look at the story kblaze posted about the short time he and Dr. J played together. He loved to just take a back seat and pass and just play the game. In New Orleans he was brought in as the face to a new franchise. In that respect he was like Kobe with the lack of talent around them.

To say he couldn't average 15 points today is a joke. He only had a 3 point line for one year of his career. With his offensive talent and the way the game is called on the perimeter, 20 ppg would be no problem. Think what you want about him but the man could score.

They both are great offensive talents. But Kobe has the more complete game. For that Kobe is the better all around player by far.
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