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Default Re: ESPN compares Kobe to Pistol Pete...

Originally Posted by Burgz
'Pistol' Pete was an explosive scorer, much like kobe, offensively theres not much maravich couldnt do that kobe does today
do you have the link to the article? maybe the writer was talking about the way they'd end their careers?
i do agree though, not the greatest player comparison, at least its none of that kobe vs. MJ junk we always hear

Perhaps, the biggest knock on Pete was that he played on a level higher than his teammates and that he couldn't raise them to HIS level of play. he was of accused of many of the things that Kobe has: ball hog, not a good team leader, glory hound, etc. Some of it is fair; some of it isn't.

It reminds of an interview done with Prince in the early 90's. The reporter was asking questions and insinuating how Prince had fallen off from his peak in the 80's. Prince replied, "Do you know hard it is to create something new (innovative) when you can play anything you hear? I can make music in my sleep." Prince is widely known as a genius and a meglomaniac who often played all of the instruments on his records even though he had a full band. And reportedly disbanded the Revoulution becuase of their inability to keep up with him on stage and follow his musical vision.

The comment refers to greatness on a couple of levels. Players like Pete and Kobe believe that they can do anything on the court, hit any shot. It's hard for players wired like that to be leaders. They are naturally geared towards doing it all. And often times I don't think that is selfishly motivated; it's just natural to players like that.

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