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Default Re: Can the Miami Heat still be top notch at this stage?

Originally Posted by insidehoops
I can't think of a single reason why the Heat would do better next season than they did last. Everyone that matters just got older, and they haven't added any difference-makers.

How about Wade and Shaq not missing 73 combined games next season?

Originally Posted by SsKSpurs21
you also have to look at chicago and detroit who are younger and have more talent. the heat wont get it done with the pieces they currently have. wade and shaq obviously need some more help. payton and mourning are done, i think haslem is leaving or already left, and toine is thinking about going back to boston. without shaq they are back to rebuilding with just wade.

1. Udonis Haslem is under contract for 3 more years..

2. The Antoine Walker talk to Boston is a erroneous rumor and report by some uncredible source

3. Alonzo Mourning is done? I don't think so...Still the best backup center in the league. And in short spurts he can get it done.

4. Shaq is indeed always a question mark in regards to how many games he plays(or misses) and his health overall..The approach he takes to this season is remains to be seen. I've pretty confindent that we'll one more good year from a focused Shaq.

5. It appears as if Riles w/o getting the marquee player of his choice (Mo Williams) to help give the Heat the lift is now banking on improvment from within/internally with the expanded role of Dorell Wright
...And anyone who has followed the Heat knows his athletiscm sure as hell been a positive everytime he steps on to the court.

Miami was just in complete disarray last year in terms of injuries and distractions.. and despite that last year they still won 44 games and the Southeast division.

People saw the Bulls series and the sweep, and are now making the assumption that just every team in the East are capable are doing that to Miami, and that they're done...Not the case. Bulls just give the Heat ridiculous matchup problems...Even during the title run the Bulls gave Miami one hell of a fight(minus their veteran frontcourt of Ben Wallace and PJ Brown). With this past season you add on the fact that Miami had zero momentum going into the playoffs with trying incorporate Wade from his shoulder surgery and they you go...

It's going to be an interesting season...But do not write off the Miami Heat yet...

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