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Default Re: Can the Miami Heat still be top notch at this stage?

Their big concern is pretty much health. If both Shaq and Wade are healthy and not limping around out there, then they can win 55 games definately. Hopefully for them Williams stays healthy and Dorell improves, but Posey and Haslem are good consistent players. But they had no time to get any chemistry last year really. Shaq was out til the allstar break and Wade out soon after.

Shaq will still always draw double teams if not triples, Wade is a great explosive players, and they have some pretty good veteran guys again in Posey/JWill/Haslem. But as 2006 showed, in the postseason they can beat anyone when they are playing right. I don't think last year's exit had anything to do with Shaq breaking down as much as it did his teammates not making them pay after the were sending extra help on him in the 2nd halfs of games.
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