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Default Re: Can the Miami Heat still be top notch at this stage?

Originally Posted by Y2Gezee
Shaq think about retirement. Seriously, unless he just runs into an injury that keeps him down or cripples him, why? He, without Wade, led the Heat to one of the better runs in the NBA last season after missing half the season. Year before that, he was drawing double and triple teams in the playoffs, more specifially the finals which he won. Year before that, if not for the knee from JO and Wade getting hurt he may have brought 2 rings to Miami, that's also the year he should've won MVP.

He's older, no doubt about it, and slowing down. But mostly his numbers are only dropping due to less minutes, stemming from some nagging injuries. But give the guy some better shooting and any team he plays on will win. Not to mention Wade can't be getting stopped by Hinrich, while others focus on Shaq.

Do you think Shaq should think about retirement if he continues to have injuries that allow him to play 40-50 games??

I am pretty sure the Diesel is almost done. could probably average 18 ppg and 9 rpg...

I am sure that Shaq has atleast 2-3 more seasons left.
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