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Default Re: Can the Miami Heat still be top notch at this stage?

Originally Posted by LakerWarrior12
Do you think Shaq should think about retirement if he continues to have injuries that allow him to play 40-50 games??

I am pretty sure the Diesel is almost done. could probably average 18 ppg and 9 rpg...

I am sure that Shaq has atleast 2-3 more seasons left.

I think Shaq will retire when Shaq said he'd retire. After this contract is up. As far as this past year's injury. I think he knew he wasn't well before the season and tried to gut it out. I think anybody else would've had the surgery in the offseason. Shaq had it on company time. I personally don't think he gives too much of a damn about the reg season, nor has he for years. But instead the playoffs. I think he was ready down the stretch and played damned good basketball. And in the playoffs played well, only the Heat were going away from him in 2nd halfs of games, which was usually when the Bulls threw extra coverage on him and nobody else made the Bulls pay. Shoulda just forced it to him.
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