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Originally Posted by TheReturnofCed
All offense, no defense, a choker, and a cancer. I will continue to hate. I hope he misses out on the US team. Should be down in the lake looking for his bronze.

1st of all how is he a choker? Not his fault he doesn't have a true second option or even someone who can shoot an open jumper on his team. He has simply played great defenses in the playoffs. Other than the first round exits, you can't say he's a choker with a straight face.

2nd his man to man D is better than Lebron or Wades.

3rd, what excuse do you have for calling him a cancer. He's taken sh*t from his teammates and not said anything. Taken sh*t from his coach and listened.

4th he didn't throw his bronze away fool.

5th he's a guy whos only 22 and one of the better players in the league, never missed the playoffs since coming in the league at 19. And he's the only reason for that and in a difficult West. Its not like he's got a lot of amazing players around him and even the ones you can make a case are that great (Kmart/Camby/Nene) are always on the bench hurt.

So sounds like a great franchise player to me, considering his team is actually winning and with his age. And stop making up reasons to be a hater, just say you hate him and move on
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