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OK first off? Melo is not a cancer. He's been a winner absolutely everywhere he's gone despite having not too great a supporting cast. It's been good but not great. Nuggets were bottom of the league before him, he's added, they're in the playoffs. Granted it was a special situation, as all Melo can do is score and all that team needed to explode was a scorer. But still, he did lift them immeasurably and you can't take that away from him. Cancers don't improve teams like that I don't care what the situations. Marbury never has.

I remember having a debate with a Nuggets fan last year as to why Gil was better than Melo. Basically, I pointed out that Gil trounces Melo in every category despite having more offensive threats to pass to. And he pointed out that that is only because Melo plays significantly fewer minutes. My response: we should reward Melo for being out of shape?? Come on: Nuggets RELY on him night in and night out. They have no other SF and they have no other scorer. If he were in good enough shape he'd play until his legs fell off or he fouled out. They need him out there the entire time, and just because he's only in good enough shape to play 3/4 of the game or less his lower stats are therefore justified? People point to passing, shooting and attitude as Melo's greatest weaknesses. I disagree. The guy is a passable passer, just has no targets (oddly enough the best setshooter on that team is Marcus Camby) and isn't good at lobs which is how Andre manages his. His shooting has really improved and frankly I don't want him taking Js anyway. And his attitude, well... he had his issues in the Olympics, but I attribute that more to Coach Brown not believing in him. All his career he has prided himself on his coach and teammates relying on him and he's always come through... now all of a sudden, it's not like he's even a roleplayer, he's just straight up buried on the bench because he's a rookie. Would you be happy? I wouldn't.

No, his biggest problem is his fitness. He doesn't have the energy to play a whole game, to truly dominate, to attack the glass all game long, and to have enough left in the tank to crash the boards and man up. If he truly is in shape and can stay that way then look for his ceiling to skyrocket

most clutch in the nba
Yeah, until he has to do it in the playoffs, then come the 0 for 8 fourth quarters.
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