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Default Re: Can the Miami Heat still be top notch at this stage?

Originally Posted by BFRESH44
My little breakdown of the roster....

The Point guard posistion: Jason Williams when healthy has given the dimension of adeuquate play and production the Heat has needed. The only problem has been is his strugguled with some injuries with the knee tendonitis and such. He was recently interviewed by some Heat beatwriters at the Orlando Pro Summer League (made an appearance) and he stated that he feels as good as he has in the past few years and that the longer summer has been good for him.

Just what did you think he'd say? "I'm really starting to feel my age. My knee twinges when it rains."

Shooting Guard Posistion: Dwyane Wade..Nuff said...Came off some off-season surgeries but he's on schedule and only set to miss a portion of training camp. He'll be fine after about 10 games of work in..Then you'll se the regular ol' Dwyane Wade.

So he did have the surgeries. That's good I guess. But he really should have just gone and had it done last year. Now he'll most likely rush his recoup so he can make the start of the season. What he's trying to prove, I don't know. Nobody really gave the Heat much of a shot last year until Shaq took them on a run, but it's just not enough.

It won't be enough this year.

Small Forward. The only natural Small forward on the roster right now that is signed is Dorell Wright. He's showed some big time flahses in the short stint of time and starts( can emerge as an impact player, that completly changes the complexion of entire team, because one thing this team can use is a young athletic high flying consistent contributer..As for as other plans, James Posey can be brought back which would be fine as most know what he can do. Good glue guy and defender, and was a large part of the championship run slightly over a year ago...There's been some talk about a Pietrus acquisisiton as well.. That would be interesting...

Who is Miami going to give up to get Pietrus? Their cap situation is almost as bad as my Cavaliers. Their players are almost as untradeable as my cavaliers, due to age. And I won't to hear the answer to the question I posed on page 1. Just how long do you expect us to wait for Dorrell to have this "break out year" you guys have been talking about for the last 2 season?

Power Forward: Udonis Haslem. Gets the job done, period. Epitome of a role player...Will put near doubles nearly everynight. His backup is paid like a 3rd option, put plays like a fringe rotational player....Antoine Walker had an atrocious year last year. One would have to assume he'd be better than last year because he was just terrible. Miami also has Wayne Simein whom is very simliar to Udonis Haslem, but with more natural offensive skillset...Could very find himself in rotation.

Antoine has always been more of a three, IMO, but whatever. If he can return to all star form, which is highly unlikely, or Jason Williams can stay healthy and return to all star form (both unlikely) the Heat have a shot. Otherwise, I'm afraid they're out of options. Haslem is the prototypical Horace Grant guy. He can hit a jumper out to 20ft, and will play solid D and grab 10 boards, but he's never going to be an all star.

Center: Shaquille O'Neal. When he is healthy the Heat win games. When Wade went down, he steped up and kept the Heat in the playoff picture and put up NUMBERS too. But how many games he'll be suited up for is always in question..But if Shaq can give me 65-70 games I'll positive the Heat are a 50 win team. Alonzo Mourning still gets the job done in short spurts and is still at age 37 the best shotblocker in the league...Miami Center depth is fine.

Shaq can't go 82 games and 28 playoff games. He just doesn't have it anymore. Not and play heavy minutes. The only chance you guys have is if he stays healthy until the end of the year, and you can use him for the playoffs. But good luck getting home court or any of that.

Mourning is even older than Shaq. And I'm not sure Mourning was EVER the best shot blocker in the league. Don't fool yourself. Right now I think Mutumbo's might be better, and he's older. Mourning was a beast in his time, but don't go calling him the best shot blocker in the league, when that has never been the case.

As aforementioned in this thead, the Heat success is soley contiguent on health all around. BUt ofcourse most importantly Wade and Shaq.

I also still feel that Riley will pull some trade..Don't what but just have that hunch...

Still think overall the team can bounce back from a shameful title defense and have successful year and be a top 4 seed. can make noise...We'll see though.

What will they trade? Who wants all these guys? Riley was criticized when he took them in the first place two years ago. It panned out for one season, where Miami depended heavily on the refs in the Finals, and it self destructed last year. All of his guys now are old, or injury risks, and they're all overpaid. Who's going to trade for them, unless some team has an interest in Wright, or Simien?

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