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Default Re: Lamar Odom vs Toni Kukoc

Originally Posted by OneWay

Incredibly intelligent, poised, clutch

Yeah, except, you know, in the playoffs:

1996 postseason: 10.8 ppg on 39% shooting (-2.3 ppg and 10% FG from season averages)

1997 postseason: 7.9 ppg on 36% shooting (-5.3 ppg and 11% FG from season averages)

Kukoc was a good player, but let's not exaggerate.

Odom is more talented, more athletic, a better rebounder and a superior slasher but Toni has a huge advantage in playmaking, intelligence, shooting and I'd say leadership too.

Agreed on all counts, but Odom is also worlds better defensively. Kukoc was a sieve, while Odom is very good both individually and team-wise, and a very versatile defender to boot.

It's hard to pick, really. It would depend on what you needed. Shooting is huge for any high-level team, so I guess you take Toni, but Odom has large edges in rebounding, slashing and overall athleticism, and defense. Kukoc has a moderate edge in passing, a significant edge in bball IQ, and a large edge in shooting. Tough call.
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