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Default Re: Top 10 most overrated NBA players of all-time!

Originally Posted by 'Toine=MVP
Tim Duncan. Dominating every opponent and winning lots of titles aren't everything. Where's the flair?

I'm believe this is sarcasm. At least, I thought it was sarcastic, as I laughed.

My vote for the Most Overrated Player goes to Kobe Bryant - let the firestorm commence.

I think one would agree that the majority of casual basketball fans (and I'm aware that that's an ambiguous definition) would automatically say that "Kobe is the #1 player in the NBA." I'd put most fans into this category - those that catch under 10 games per year, have trouble naming more than 4-5 players on their home teams and get the majority of their information from Sportscenter hightlights.

However, when consulting people that watch more basketball, there is more contention with who's the best player. For example, this board voted Tim Duncan the best player in the NBA last week, with a 25-15 vote margin over Kobe.

I could get into my personal thoughts on it (Kobe's an excellent scorer and not much else) and how I really don't feel he differentiates himself that much from other wing scorers, but -

I think the casual fan versus informed fan argument sums it up nicely. Unfortunately, casual fans vastly outnumber the informed fans, and as a result, Kobe Bryant gets more (undeserved) praise than anyone else.

Nowhere in this did I say that certain people on this board are less informed than others, nor am I trying to imply that Kobe fans are uninformed. However, from your own social experiences outside of this board, I think one would agree that casual fans tend to overhype Kobe because of Sportscenter etc, while people who watch basketball more would side with the more fundamental (and more successful) Tim Duncan.
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