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Default Re: Lamar Odom vs Toni Kukoc

Originally Posted by Wormser
Odom is an excellent passer, and that is usually one of the key marks of a high basketball IQ.

Odom has averaged 4.6 assists over his career in 37:17 minutes per game for his career.
Kukoc has averaged 3.7 assists in 26:18 minutes per game for his career

Not too far apart are they?

Well, when you get the stats by 40 min (which is easier to compare), you have Kukoc with 5.6 apg (13 seasons) and Odom with 4.9 (in 8 seasons). Who has now higher IQ?
It is true Odom defends much better than Kukoc but it's not that Toni had no deffense.
As always, it is difficult to say who is better, but the feelings I had watching Kukoc playing were much more intense than the ones I have watching Odom. I have seen him in Europe and in the NBA and, man, when he was in the court basketball was somewhat different for me.
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