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Default Re: Lamar Odom vs Toni Kukoc


First of all, what's with the defense talk? Neither was more than average defensively. Yes, Odom is probably better due to athleticism but he's far from a difference maker defensively, come on, you ****in kidding me. He's an average defender at best.

Second, no assist numbers are not an indication of bball iq. If that was the case, would you consider Steve Francis, a former 7-8 apg guy a high IQ player? I know for sure I wouldn't.

Kukoc was so much smarter that it isn't even worth discussing it.

There's a reason why Clipper fans nicknamed Odom "Odumb".

Odom can pass but he can't really run the offense and definitely isn't much of a high IQ player or a leader.

Like I said, his advantages are:

Slashing, athleticism, rebounding and to some degree, defense.

Toni OTOH has an upper hand in shooting, playmaking, intelligence and clutch ability.

I don't think there's a way to deny any of this.

Of course some of you may look at them and easily conclude that Odom is better but that's a false image in your head.
Odom so far has only been the first and the second option while Toni was the 6th man on the greatest team ever.

Odom, too would be a 6th man on the Bulls and I bet everything that Phil would always prefer Kukoc for that role who as Loki said, was more of a high caliber team player.

And don't be mistaken, Toni was able to put up stats, too. 18.8 ppg, 7 rpg, 5.3 apg doesn't sound bad to me. Or 19.6 ppg and 6.2 apg at the Hawks even though he was past his prime by then.

And using Shawn ****ing Marion as a reference? Shawn What a joke. That's the best possible matchup Odom will ever find for him and still Marion always got his against Odom. Odom never shut him down.
Seriously, if Odom was anything more than average defensively, the Lakers would be just a bit more than the worst defensive team in the league but the fact is that no one really makes a difference on that team on defense. Not to say Toni was a stopper but even if Odom has defensive advantage over him it definitely isn't anything to write home about and that's for sure.

I know for sure that Lakers are missing some of the things that Toni was good at. It would be cool to have a shooter like him who I assume Kobe would trust more than Odom and another thing is that Toni could be a trusted ballhandler and a cool head when the game is on the line. Usually, Odom can't be counted on in those situations.

Odom might be a good answer but to say it isn't even close is beyond stupid.
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