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Default Re: Why move back to New Orleans?

Originally Posted by kentatm
sure they can. They weren't drawing well before Katrina hit and its gonna be even worse now that the citys population is down. Plus most of the people there are not gonna be wasting their cash on NBA games.

They really should have never gone there in the first place. ShinRidge esta diablo.

Down but not out brother. I decided to glance over the thread before I logged out and saw your post. I just read an article yesterday that stated the population is up 50,000 since last year. A lot of the people are also in surrounding areas. 5 and 10 miles away. Usually when they do a population count, they only count the metro New Orleans area. A lot of people come from Baton Rouge, Slidell, Covington (areas just outside of New Orleans) to see the games so don't just look at the New Orleans metro area.

And N.O. is a basketball town. They did very well with the Jazz. They moved because the majority owner was a mormon and wanted to be a part of a bigger mormon community. Even Clyde Drexler knows that.

New Orleans "definitely has been a football town in the past ... but it was a pretty good basketball town," said Drexler, who said he remembers as a kid going to the dome to watch Pete Maravich play for the then-New Orleans Jazz.

The Jazz did well at the gate, sometimes setting attendance records, but left because their owner at the time, a Mormon from California, wanted to move to Salt Lake City.

"Every city supports a winner. If you ever put together a team that's good enough to compete, they get tons of support from the locals. That's been proven," Drexler said.

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