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Default Need a clutch shooting game? Play seven.

- Players go in order shooting from the free-throw line.

- every make increases a running tally, capped at seven.

- every time a player misses, whatever the running tally is, it gets added to the player's personal score, and the running tally returns to 0, meaning the next guy has no pressure to make a shot after a miss. For example, if you are third in the order and the first 2 guys make, the running tally is 2. If you miss, you get 2 points added to your tally. Simply put, points are bad in this game!

- once a player has 7 points on their personal tally, they are eliminated (hence the game being named "7" and the running tally capped at 7).

- if you play this with good shooters like I do, the running tally will almost always get to 7, meaning every miss means certain elimination for someone.

- players can make as much noise as possible but they cannot block the shooter's view of the rim. standing to the side in their peripheral vision is ok, so is standing just behind the backboard. trash talk is encouraged

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