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Originally Posted by miles berg
Cause Marion is just a filler player, a guy like Josh Howard or Antawn Jamison.

You can't build a team around Marion and win big, I believe you can with Diaw. He sat on the bench with the Hawks for the same reason that Ben Wallace did with Washington or why Josh Howard fell all the way to #29, not all GMs are really that smart and alot of them just don't understand real talent.
You can't build a franchise around neither. Diaw isn't aggressive and he's lazy. He doesn't bring it every night plus he doesn't play good D. This is the reason why he wasn't played in Atlanta. He can't be depended on night in, night out. That is masked in Phoenix because they're a great team.

His shot isn't better than Marion's (someone said that earlier in this thread). Marion has bad form but his shot is money and he attacks the rim hard unless Diaw with his finesse moves. The only things Diaw does better is handle the ball and pass. Marion is a better defender,scorer,rebounder, he's aggressive and brings it everynight. Diaw is certainly not on Marion's level but for some reason people are obsessed with "versatility". Marion gets it done and gets it done at all star level.
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