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That is retarded. Bad teams have all-star players, superstar players all the team.

If you have a bag of 15 apples. 13 are rotten completely/partially but 2 are still edible. How do you describe the whole basket?...Good/bad?...You got the point now. Bad teams are full of bad/average players.

Diaw is an average player upto this point. Marion's shot is way more consistent than his both from mid/long range. There's a reason why Marion got 22ppg and he got 13. It's not because Marion keeps calling isos. for himself. Diaw does NOTHING better than Shawn except pass. Sure Diaw can do some of the things Marion does but he doesn't do them on an all star level. Diaw isn't as good as Marion. Many things like contract/age can influence decisions. NJ Nets are thinking about trading Carter instead of RJ, doesn't mean RJ is close to the player Carter is.

And don't give me that "Raps were a .500 team after our initial losing streak" bullshit... you can't spin it any other way

Oops. I did it again.

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