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Default Re: Anyone get bored shooting around alone?

Yeah I can't really shoot around alone more than 20-30 mins. My favorite workout is what I started recently with a friend which is 3 1v1 games and then play 1v1 without keeping score and trying new moves. Was a great workout last time we did it.

Went to the gym yesterday on the way back from the library. I wanted to go out later (and I did) so I wanted a quick 20-30 min game but there were only 11 people and no one wanted to run full-court. I left kind of surprised, usually our gym has 20 or so people on Saturday or even more. Heck, even during the week our gym has been clearing out. For that reason, I rarely go now since I only know and play with 4-5 of the regulars who are also busy with schoolwork and midterms.
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