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I'm glad you live in Canada just like I do. They show the Phoenix Suns every other night out here. Suns/Laker games I watched them all season long so I know what I'm talking about. Howard completely embarassed Diaw whenever he tried to step up to him. Diaw can't defend for shit. He doesn't bring it everynight and that is a big factor. He's not an aggressive individual or one that looks to take over games with whatever he can do besides scoring.

Diaw can't defend. If he can defend then 75% of the league (except for guys like Van Horn that just don't give a shit and want to keep it moving) are awesome defenders. Obviously I don't see this defensive prowess from Diaw. Just like the entire Phx. Sun's team, he can't stop anybody and it doesn't seem like he can. He didn't fare any better in Atlanta. The guy isn't the player Marion is. This isn't a subjective opinion, it's a fact!

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