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Default Re: GOAT PF : Duncan or K Malone

Originally Posted by DaBull
well, the thing that I'm thinking of is eras. karl malone and tim duncan are both Hall of Fame worthy athletes but seriously, karl had a much more difficult era for his career than duncan has. the 1990's were malones era. an era in which michael jordan and the bulls won 6 out of 10 rings. making it to the finals in that era alone says something for malone.

The 90s, well after around '93, are so overrated. You take Michael Jordan off the Bulls and they win 55 games and are within a bucket of the ECF whereas you take Shaq off of the Lakers and they cant get out of the 1st round.

You say it is an accomplishment for the Jazz to even get out of the West then but your argument was because of Jordan. Jordan was in the East, he had nothing at all to do with the West playoffs.

The West today is heads and shoulders above where it was in the 90s, it isnt even close. Todays West is better than any conference, ever. And Duncan wins that thing every year. It took a great, great team and a great play by a great player in Dallas to knock the Spurs off one year.

It isnt even really close. Duncan is dominant on the block, dominant as a passer, and doesnt have John Stockton setting him up. He has a shoot 1st PG in Tony Parker. And when you factor in defense, where Duncan is an all time great and Malone is just not really a factor, you see that Duncan easily dominates Malone as the greatest PF of all time.

It really isnt even close.
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