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Originally Posted by AtlHawks
We draw just over 15,000 fans per game(link below). Which is very good for a team with such bad PR around it. Our attendance has been going up the last several years. We had our highest mark in attendance this past season since 97 when the Hawks average around 17,000 fans. Our attendance isn't as bad as the media make it out to be. They give free passes on other teams in the league for having sorry attendance. They hate on Atlanta and Hawks fans despite the team being in bad shape until now in terms of talent.

If you just say outright 15,000 that may sound like alot. It's all relative though.

Is it that difficult to see that they are second last in the league in attendence filled only to 75% capacity at home?

Raptors had about the same record but are in the middle.

Uh, yes Atlanta's attendence is quite terrible relatively. You know how much less revenue (not only seating but from concession stands, merchandise sales., etc.) that translates into compared to a team with an average (17,000ish)attendence? I don't know but it would be a lot.

You may be a fan which is great but overall the support by the community for the Hawks even in their good years was not what it should have been. I would assume NFL and college football and NASCAR is what dominates the area of Atlanta.
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