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Originally Posted by TheReturnofCed
Gary Payton made Michael Jordan look mortal in the 1996 Finals.

Payton really did have it all, apart from a consistent 3-point shot.

But like somebody else said, these players offer different things to a team.

Say both of these guys are in their prime right now and I'm given the option of signing one, both of them are at the same price, for a couple of different scenarios:
Atlanta- I pick Kidd. They have a bunch of talented athletic players that could really benefit from Kidd's passing game. Imagine Josh Smith on the break with Kidd. Payton would try and be more of a scorer o nthis team.

Houston- I pick Payton. They need more of a half court point guard, that has a somewhat reliable jumper. A point guard that is an option on offense, who can fill in easily as the 3rd scorer.

Team Situations it can go either way...But you can make up team situations for just about every player and say this player is better than this player in this situation...

But who is better individually?

Payton just didn't make Jordan look "mortal", he made him look even bad at times...

Jordan had his worst Finals Performance of his career...

He shot 41% on the series, and only 39% when Payton guarded him...
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