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Originally Posted by KnicksFan4Life
This is a joke right? The Clippers are loaded. You think getting some overrated bum is going to get you a winning season. The Clippers have Livingston, Brand, and Magettee. Name one person besides Kobe on the Lakers who can compare with any of them. CLippers are going to be a tough team next year, and the Lakers will drop out of playoff contention.

I think this Knicks fan over here wants a piece of the lakers of next year.

Did u forget last year the clipppers had soo many good players and they only finished 2 games above the lakers if Im correct?

this year the lakers added a different piece and many of our developing players will have a lot to say to these clippers and knicks.

We have too many weapons against u guys.

Kwame, Kobe, Odom, Smush, Turiaf, Radman, and even sasha hitting the threes against yall too. We got the experience in this.
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