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5 PG's and 1 PF who still hasn't actually signed a contract to the team. It's no where near time to start preparing for training camp. I believe there must have been a reason as to why so many PG's were acquired. I don't think it was just because they wanted to have as many PG's as possible. Last year, McGrady did a fine job running the point (Yes, he ran the point) whilst Rafer settled for them ugly outside contested jumpshots.

The team is awfully unbalanced. There's a lot of wing players, but not enough pure 2 guys. Guys who can shoot the ball, and give a consistent effort at the 2 spot. Battier isn't your guy when you're looking for a guard. He's more of a forward, and with McGrady being a 'point forward', well that doesn't leave very many options does it?

Yao is going to have to play a ton of minutes this year. With Mutmubo being 41, or however old he might be turning, he wont be playing anywhere near what he was last year when Yao was healthy (about 10-15mins). The Center position is starting to look thin for the Rockets. Has no real depth outside of Yao. I believe Tsakalidis was let go? Someone correct me if I'm wrong though.

Overall though, I don't think the Rockets are even close to be setting final rosters or anything like that for the upcoming season. In my eyes, there is still a long way to go before they'll be ready.
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