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Default nba players (ex. josh childress) going back to school: wise or a waste of time?

i have nothing but respect for nba players that go back to school in order to EXPAND THEIR MINDS

what is your opinion?

here is josh's story to prime the pump:

Josh Childress spent the summer taking summer classes at Stanford, working toward his degree
. But he's not stopping at summer school. Childress will enroll at Georgia State and continue his quest for academic enlightenment while trying to lift the Hawks out of their league-high eight-year playoff drought. Atlant Journal Constitution

Let's see, I'm 24-year-old millionaire. And I can spend the summer in Los Angeles working out and relaxing with family and friends or in summer school at Stanford? What are you crazy? Josh Childress: I know, right? Well, I've been out here since the end of June. And I start classes at Georgia State next week. This is just where I'm at right now in my life. I needed this. I needed to get back to this. So if someone sees me on campus at Georgia State they need to know that I'm not there for the honeys (laughing), I'm there to do work. The fact is, I took three years off and now I want to keep going and I don't want to stop again. Atlant Journal Constitution

Childress: I'm taking two classes, sociology of deviance and a physics course, the study of the universe. It chews up two full days a week. ... It's taken me a while, and really even now toward the ends of it, to realize that it's helping me. It's helping me maintain a business mindset and my focus. It's shown me how you set a goal, and stick with it until it's attained. Because I'm telling you, this physics class is a beast. I don't know if you ever took physics, but it's a monster. I'm sitting here working hard at it and everything else is just kind of falling into place. It's just a new motivation I've got in life, really. There's basketball, of course, but the truth is this summer for me ... I'm working. Atlant Journal Constitution

Childress: The ultimate goal, well, we've got some stuff up our sleeves out here [at Stanford]. I don't know if you've ever heard of the MBA program offered here where they bring the best and the brightest in the business world to come out and lecture guys and talk to them about all sorts of business matters. We had it last week and Mike James was here and I talked to him afterward and he was like, "Man, you've got to take advantage of this. Take it from me, an older guy. When I'm done playing I might come to business school out here because it's amazing." And I felt that, too. Being able to sit there and talk to some of these titans of industry and to be able to learn from them in this setting is invaluable. Atlant Journal Constitution
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