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Default Re: I'm now 100 % sure that the Miami Dallas series was rigged.

IMO, if it was rigged, it was for some other reasons.
there are much easier ways to make profit on betting. affecting the outcome of nba finals, and not just one game, but whole series, would be far too risky.

as you probably read, tim donaghy & co. were working with point totals. it's the way referee can win himself and others big money while not really affecting final outcome of the game. if they were afraid to set up regular season games, why would anyone try with nba finals? many people would have to be in that, not just one or two officials.
and reward probably wouldn't come close to the risk and effort involved.

setting up the finals itself? now THAT would be a blow nba could possibly have a hard time recovering. and what would happen to the individuals involved?
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