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Default Re: USA Basketball going nowhere unless it's Kobe's team...

US is winning gold no matter who takes charge...they aren't losing in China, no way no how.

People talk about last years disappointment, but that team went 14-1 and beat the Champs, Argentina, in a game a lot of people didn't watch since it wasn't for gold.

The game vs. Greece was a shame since the coaches didn't do their jobs...they let the Greek Shaq dominate them inside in the 2nd half while Dwight Howard sat on the bench the whole time...he played just 2 minutes in that whole second half and it wasn't never explained why he was guess is that the USA will win gold , and all the Kobe nu*huggers will talk about it's all because of Kobe..then months will pass and the Lakers will continue to be mediocre with Kobe leading them for the FORTH consecutive season...then the Kobe nu*huggers will talk about how he has no help, etc. etc. Then he'll get traded hopefully and people will realize the Shaq trade set back the franchise a decade and cost them at least 1 championships, maybe more.
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