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Default Re: RJ donates 3.5 million to Arizona

Originally Posted by Dodonpa
then your school hasn't taught you enough.

First of all, yeah, it's your money, you can do whatever you want. No argument here. Nobody can tell you how to spend your money.

But donating to a large university.. is it correct? Hell no.
Whatever portion you will be donating to them.. for them.. it's chump change.
They get millions more from billionaires, sponsors, program, gov't and all that. Your money means nothing much to them.

However, your money, no matter how little, could actually feed a few kids in Africa. You could donate to some hospital where the money is actually getting medical equipments to help lives.

So what did you learn from your university?
that donating to an already rich and stable university, where your money won't be seen for any good uses- maybe buy some toilet papers
is better than donating to actually help kids and causes?

the efficiency of $1 dollar to a university and to a charity foundation is very much different. Think about what $1 can do for each of them.

Regardless of how much you appreciate your university, money isn't the way to thank them.You can show the world how your university educated you by donating change to them... or actually make a change to the world.

Your money, your choice.

You act like I wouldn't donate to other charities or causes. Yes, my money, my choice. Where you come to the conclusion where my money is wasted is out of bounds and unfounded. If you look at things at where it's most efficient versus what is more important, then I can see where you'll have problems in life.

Where you decide to lecture me about how to spend my money is not only egregious, but pompous and pretentious as well.
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