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Red face Re: RJ donates 3.5 million to Arizona

Originally Posted by Dodonpa
Ever seen the movie that has 1 person help 3 people.. then those 3 people help 3 people each.. and pass it on?

So now he recieved help and made it big. He should understand how much getting help means. Why give money back to wildcats again? Do they need his help? no!
Why not try to HELP someone else, and let them stand on their feet, like he did?

Do you even know what the money is going towards? The practice facility is not only for the team, ignoramus. It'll probably be used to run camps for kids and used to hold other events that benefit people outside of the university and those part of the community. You come off all high and mighty but you probably don't even understand how a common facility can be used for multi-purposes. If in the end it promotes a higher facilitation of campus activities and as well as non-school related, then it's more than worth it.
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