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Default Re: RJ donates 3.5 million to Arizona

Originally Posted by Dodonpa
Ever seen the movie that has 1 person help 3 people.. then those 3 people help 3 people each.. and pass it on?

So now he recieved help and made it big. He should understand how much getting help means. Why give money back to wildcats again? Do they need his help? no!
Why not try to HELP someone else, and let them stand on their feet, like he did?

Oh, get off your ****in moral high horse. Who are you to determine the best uses for someone's money. There's nothing wrong giving back to the people who made you what you are. Going back to an earlier post, do you think it's wrong that people buy their parents houses? Maybe we should just appoint you as America's Minster of Charity so you can determine who in the world needs the most charity.
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