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Default Re: RJ donates 3.5 million to Arizona

Originally Posted by wang4three
You act like I wouldn't donate to other charities or causes. Yes, my money, my choice. Where you come to the conclusion where my money is wasted is out of bounds and unfounded. If you look at things at where it's most efficient versus what is more important, then I can see where you'll have problems in life.

Where you decide to lecture me about how to spend my money is not only egregious, but pompous and pretentious as well.
I've already stated, your money, your choice.
If you wish to waste on smth like that, more power to you.
And whats more important vs efficient?
You think building another gym for more college students to play ball at is more important than feeding hungry kids with no clothing?

Ok good for you. Your education has done good for you.
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