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Default Re: RJ donates 3.5 million to Arizona

Originally Posted by asd
This isn't really much of a story. Yet, you need to be pompous, and criticize.
Universities receive enormous donations all the time. John Kluge, a Columbia alum, is donating $400 milto his former alma mater. Jefferson just wants to build a couple friggin' indoor BASKETBALL COURTS at UA. Get over it.
thanks for backing me up.
they recieve enormous donations all the time.
why would they need jefferson's donation? it means nothing to them.
he'd be making a better choice if he build hospitals like mutumbo did.

anyways, i've stated since the beginning, its his money. its your money. I can't tell you what to do.

however you cant stop me from telling you it's stupid.
like how people here criticize NBA players for wasting their money buying stupid cars, i can do the same, telling you it's a dumb choice.
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