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Default Re: RJ donates 3.5 million to Arizona

Originally Posted by wang4three
No, but you're ignorant, so I can see why you think that. I already explained how the facility benefits people outside of the school, but you ignored it for your perceived righteousness.
How can a gym facility be so beneficial that it is more important to you than donating clothing, food, money to kids in africa?

You say it can benefit the community and hold charity events. Ok, who says you need to have the new gym for the events? The events themselves could be held anywhere, their current gym, or wherever. If someone really has the good intention to hold an event.. then they do not require the gym. The gym is not build for charitable purposes- that is a fact. What else could be held there? basketball camps? that's so important to you?
that 9-12 years old get to learn about fundamentals of basketball?

Please tell me how that is more important to you than say
-donating to a blind school in the suburbs
-buying books and give them to schools that don't have libraries
-establishing a hospital, or at least give it more equipments
-food for the hungry
-clothing for the people who can't afford it
(above can be in US suburbs or third world countries)

So afterall, donating to the school- especially since you don't have a big sum- means nothing. To anybody. Except you, makes you feel a bit better.
You can sleep a little better, have more pride, and brag to friends about it.

Let me ask you this. Why do you even need to donate to the school even if they made you a better person? Did they really? Or was it the professors, the people around you that changed you? Instead of thanking them, you donate to the school.. ok.

And it amounts to nothing.
Good luck. Your idea of what's more 'important' is pretty interesting, really..

it's almost as funny as me going to the front office of microsoft and saying, hey i'm sponsoring you guys with $100. Good luck, I hope it helps you guys plenty.
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