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Default Re: RJ donates 3.5 million to Arizona

I don't think you really understand the issue here. I think all you worry about is the base of a dollar. It's not as righteous as you think you are being. If you're more concerned about the efficiency of your dollar then you're just as selfish and stupid as you claim Jefferson, me, or anyone else here to be.

Yes the events can be held anywhere, but does not mean it would be just as easy. Being able to hold events in such a splendid facility saves a whole lot of time and money as much as anything else. Not even that, while his money helps out the community in basketball programs and other activities, it is just as important. His life and success revolved around the programs and why is he to blame for wanting the same success in other individuals? Even if the world can live without this facility it is still a resource.

I'm not here to argue that there are better suited venues in which he can donate his money, just that there is no reason for you to slander him for doing this. It's ridiculous. Talk about efficiency, you sit here writing your lame opinions instead of going to help the people that you mentioned need help. What are you doing that is so great and above and beyond? Why are you here on some message board professing your opinion without substantiating yourself? In the end, it just seems like you're jealous of Jefferson's millions so you find any way to criticize him. Do you even know Richard Jefferson? His parents are Christian missionaries. He's been to Africa, he's helped out third-world countries and people growing up. He's been a charitable guy since birth. He's been helping the people you say need help. But you don't see that. You just decide to criticize him for giving more than he already has. Guy knows about sacrifice. Guy knows about hard work. He's seen people who are impoverished. He's helped them. Who are you to say he's doing something wrong here? Honestly, who are you?

Yes, I can give money to my professors or to other faculty, employers of the university that benefited my growth..but I'm going to choose the school for the simple reason that without the school, I would not have had the opportunity. As well as, my professors would probably rather see that money go into bettering the programs I was part of than to themselves.. My East Asian Studies program needs funding. It has closed down meaningful classes and laid off professors cause of lack of funds. So where you get that they're rich and have enough money is beyond me. I've seen parts of my buildings shut down, saw class sizes shrink in the four years I was there. I saw requirements become more lax because it became more and more impossible to fulfill the intended goal. So when I see the incoming students seeking the same degree I have, I know they won't come out as educated as me and the class that follows them probably will be even worse off. I have professors tell me that the classes they teach today aren't even close to the way they want them to be taught. Why am I to blame for wanting the best for this program that taught me passion and thirst for knowledge and pursuit for this knowledge? How can you properly say something is more important to someone than another thing? There is no value on help. There is no unit of measurement. That's what cynics do. They look at things as what is most output efficient. Improving the life of a 100 people immediately can be viewed the same of improving the life of 10,000 subtlety. I'm sure you can't rack your mind around such a thought.

Like I said earlier, your righteousness is unwarranted and unfounded. You have no basis of anything. You act like this is Richard Jefferson or my only contributions. There is no shame in wanting to repay the people that made him who he is. I said earlier, this would be no different than him deciding to buy a big home for his parents, who are already middle-class. He's done a good thing. Recognize that.

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