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Default Re: Yahoo article: Trade Kobe sooner than later

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
This guy's premise is off; Minnie was not low-balled. They got a 22 year-old double-double big man (Al Jefferson), a very talented wing that could become a 20+ ppg scorer (Gerald Green), a solid roleplayer (Ryan Gomes), an 11 million-dollar expirer and two future firsts. Looking at what Orlando got for McGrady, the Raptors got for Carter, and the Lakers got for Shaq, that's a good deal. 5 players total (Ratliff and Telfair are the other two), and two first round picks. Who is getting better than that for their star?

I agree. In fact, depending on how KG holds up (he ain't a young pup), the Celts may have overpaid for him.
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