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Originally Posted by gts
Hicory Dickory Doc
Demons Rap Don't Rock
B-Lows is fines
and so is mines
So Demons can go B-Low his own c*ck
look i respect the effort but you have no idea who youre insulting. unfortunately my computer time is almost ran out for the day but i'll leave you with a little bio. yeah i dont post here much but im going to start now that the seasons getting nearer. I am probably the most wellrespected poster in ESPN history with over 100,000 total posts and I have run a blog for years which you cant tell cuz i just restarted it but it was one of the top most popular basketball blogs.
not to mention i am a much better rapper than any of you posers. I'll take care of yall tomorrow. just be careful who you throw insults at lol
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