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Fuaking posers in here.

Spit your game
fuak your shtt
suck my dick

the, the,the title is mine..
i'm the only one with smooth beats and kickass ryhmes
so many posers in here it just ain't right
they're all faukin losers and make for having a lameass time

I'm sitting on the throne now dinks and i just can't lie
i fauked your mom and sister a million times
in the same bed we did this , we did this, we did this
and your mom was the aggressive one and grabbed my coock and said bittch this is mine
your sister then said lets kiss and makeup on this royal dicck cause that'd just be wize

b-low then walked in to see his mother and sister both thugging me at the same time. His mother was bent over getting her ass spanked and her sister was crouched down like a tiger feasting on prey except that prey wasn't gonna hurt her this time.
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