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Hah, I'm bored, might as well spit some lines myself.

I'm a baller and when I ball I ball hard
I got more dough than a white chick with her daddy's credit card
Wanna know how much money I make?
I get more cake than a fat boy gets prime ribs and steak

Day La Ghetto claims he runs this place when really he's kinda new
I'll take a page outta your book son: I'll House You
Your rhymes are wack, your bars are crap
Try to mess with the sh*t I spit and you'll get a backhand smack

I'm the king of rapping, whether you like it or not
I just dominated you and you're wishing we never fought
I just read over your bars and you only had two commas
That's half the amount of times I got head from your mama

Well I guess I'm done here, the competition is weak
My time wasted here is longer than the Mav's winning streak
And if you ever wanna rap battle, I'm always waiting
Cuz I got more trash talkin read than Gary Payton

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