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Originally Posted by Richie2k6
Hah, I'm bored, might as well spit some lines myself.

I'm a baller and when I ball I ball hard
I got more dough than a white chick with her daddy's credit card
Wanna know how much money I make?
I get more cake than a fat boy gets prime ribs and steak

Day La Ghetto claims he runs this place when really he's kinda new
I'll take a page outta your book son: I'll House You
Your rhymes are wack, your bars are crap
Try to mess with the sh*t I spit and you'll get a backhand smack

I'm the king of rapping, whether you like it or not
I just dominated you and you're wishing we never fought
I just read over your bars and you only had two commas
That's half the amount of times I got head from your mama

Well I guess I'm done here, the competition is weak
My time wasted here is longer than the Mav's winning streak
And if you ever wanna rap battle, I'm always waiting
Cuz I got more trash talkin read than Gary Payton


My protoshae

You think i'm new? You think i'm weak?
I've been here forever, just underground like keak da sneak.
I've got other names and alias's
But you wouldn't know cause you just popped your head out your moms stinky palace
I can tell your young , i can tell you're metro
Your dad probably smacks your ass and talks like transsexual

I'm all out of time for wasting it on housing your ass
if you been here for so long like you say i've probably done it in the past
Maybe i had a different name and you didn't know it
I probably got you pretty good
like i did bittches in the hood
fuaking them clean and doing the shoulda lean
not to mention one was your mother
but dont worry i used an old dirty rubber
that was 20 years aago
i could be your daddy for i know
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