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Default Re: I think it may be time for Stern to step down...

Originally Posted by bigboi_baller

+1 for that series and the kings best shot at a title *hugs bigboi*

but realistically, i think until the donaghy thing is settled i dont know that he should step down. i don't necessarily agree that he has taken the league completely the right way lately, but his intentions are good...the dress code and all the other stuff he has changed, i think, were changed with good intentions. whether or not it was the BEST thing for the league is debatable.

but look, the players and refs haven't exactly been helping him look good with the palace brawl, the latest nuggs knicks fight, the donaghy thing, the crawford/duncan thing...(the draft thing is debatable)

i say he hasn't done enough to warrant his stepping down/firing - it's just a series of very unfortunate events that happened to be under his watch.
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