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Default Re: Ricky Rubio...Top 5 of the draft in 2 or 3 years?

Ricky will surely be a top #10 pick in 2009 draft. He also could achieve a top #5, but teams usually pick big men before, so it is more difficult to say. It will depend on the needs of the teams at that date.

Regarding other european players, I would say Koufos (greek, but born in Ohio, and playing for Ohio State) and Gallinari (Italy) that will enter the draft next year with good expectations (top 15 for both), and Macvan (Serbia) that made excelent youth champs winning both world and european titles (although Koufos was named MVP of the E-U18).
It is hard to select one as the best. Rubio and Gallinari have been proved at highest level in Europe with their teams and responded so well. Macvan can be a dominant guy, he is really touhg, but . And what I've seen from Koufos makes me thing he could be a new Gasol (but I read somewhere that he is not expected to evolve a lot).
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