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Default Re: Deal Involving Kobe Bryant

Originally Posted by steadyfast96
The only possible destination that both teams would agree to is if Kobe got traded to the Suns. I know they're in the same division but Phoenix wants to win now and LA wants to hang on to their future prospect.

Kobe + filler to Suns
Marion, Barbosa, + filler + pick to LA.

Both teams win.
I'll do this deal in a heartbeat if I were the Suns. Kobe would love to play with Amare and Nash for the next 3+ years. LA would get a solid core of players with Odom, Marion, Bynum, and Barbosa.

I would refrain from that deal,Odom and Marion duplicate positions,Marion is NOT a SG and Marion gets too much money and provides too much on offense and defense to come of the bench

Adding Barbosa @ PG makes LA look like idiots for wasting 2 first rounders on PG's of the future

Phoenix is very cheap and would hate to add Kobe's 4 remaining years left on his deal when Marion's huge deal is up at the end of next season and they could resign him for a little cheaper
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