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Default Re: Anyone get bored shooting around alone?

Yeah I do but sometimes I get bored of playing 1 on 1 also. Me and my best friend ball in the city maybe once every week, nowadays it might be once a month due to the cold. We play 1 on 1 and both us know each other's games so well that nothing really surprises the other one. I can practice new fadeaways but we play to 84 or best of 7 series with 21 point games so we could be playing for an hour or longer.

It beats shooting around alone, I can literally only do that for 30 mins before I get bored. I need competition, even if I get blown out I remember playing in the summer while fasting when it was 95 degrees outside. Very few people outside and I was like what the hell, I'll ask this dude who was literally 6 inches taller in 1 on 1 and he beat me but it took him till the end (31-27). I was posting up on him too, I swear the next generation has no concept of post game or working on it
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