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Default Re: Vick agrees to plead guilty in dogfighting case

[/quote]I just don't get this whole thing...

Lets say you have all the money in the world. You have a good-for-nothing cousin who wants you to bankroll his shady business.

Is there any way you agree to dog-fighting? Wouldn't everyone be much happier if you just agreed to produce legal porn in the basement.

Hot girls v. rabid dogs.

I just don't get this.[/quote]

Its called being ***** rich and having no class. He is still a hick brother with tons of money

[/quote]Just a question for u all. If vick was caught in a cokfight, and seen choking his chicken to death , would he get the same bad pub, as he is getting for fukin over his dogs.[/quote]

You know what probably not. People love dogs more than even people. I mean a guy gets run over or shot somewhere and I am like who cares but a dog gets drowned and I want to have that guy tortured by Marcellous Wallace's special crew

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